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RD-Textures and Shop

Hello and welcome! Today I have yet another short blog entry for you. So, today I wanna talk about my new shop and the new RD-Textures I have been creating this last week. RD means Real Displacement in other words, displacement maps that you can use to create or rather recreate surfaces and geometry without […]

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Label – Cinema 4D Plugin

Hello and welcome back to another litle Blog-post! Today I want to introduce you to my latest plugin: Label. Basically with label you can label/tag your scene objects and make your whole project nice and organized. You can find more information here: here All the features are listed down below. I know this is a […]

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Lorenz Attractor – Cinema 4D Plugin

Hello there everyone! Today I have another really cool plugin for you guys! The plugin I wanna show you today is called Lorenz Generator. As the name suggests, you can infact create a Lorenz Attractor with it. The idea came to me, when I was searching wikipedia for some rose patterns. If you are wondering, […]

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My name is Florian, in the internet I am mostly known as NeonArtworks and I am 16 years old. Currently I am a student at the HTBLuVA Salzburg visiting the 3rd out of 5 years. My hobbies are programming games, software and of course Cinema 4D plugins, but I am also a hobby designer. I am quite determined once I made up my mind, but often lose track of things because I am very forgetful.