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Hey people of the internet 😀

It’s been a while since my last post, I know that but school and all that is just more important than this site here ^^


A few days ago, I was working on another program, and it always got on my nerve, that I have to open my browser, and upload my image to convert to an ICO file to use for .exe files. So,

today I have an Image (currently png only) to ico (Windows Symbol /icon) converter.
As the name „might“ suggest this program converts ANY .PNG format image to an .ICO file.
It does not mather wich size your image has, the converter takes it all 😀 (pun intended)
I have written this converter completly in java and java only.
As far as I can remember at this point, I don’t think I have used any extra librarys.


For the converter frame I have used an simple JFrame. If you are now wondering… but how does it look different from the normal JFrame… well it is actually rather easy, and if there is interest  I can make a tutorial for that. For the algorithm that I used. Well it is not an algorithm in that way but rather a rewriting of the .PNG file.

I used wikipedia to learn and understand the .ICO image format: Link


That’s it for todays post, I hope you like this litle program!

Download: Here

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