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Hey there everybody,

recently I started (finally) making Cinema 4D plugins again.
So far I have made 12 NEW plugins that I will be releasing some time soon.

And today I want to introduce to you: NeoKnot

NeoKnot is a knot generator. (duh)  The Knot is generated in 3D space as a spline object.
I made it a spline object because it makes a large range of possibillites available.


Once installed you should find a new entry in the ‚Plugins‘ menu.


screenshot_110Let’s get into the plugin…

Once imported you will find a new object in the object manager.

Once you click on it, it will show you the object properties.

In the Spline tab you have:

  • Closed Spline: If this is enabled the plugin will try to close the spline – it is essential to know that the plugin does not care where the start end endpoint of the knot is.
  • Spline Type: Sets the type of the Spline. It can either be Linear, Cubic, Akima, Bezier or a B-Spline.

In the Knot tab you have:

  • Radius: Sets the overall radius of the Knot.
  • Outer Radius: Sets the inner and the outer Radius.
  • Depth: Depth is basically the size of the knot in Z-Axis.
  • Count: Now, count is a bit harder to explain. Basically it sets the point count of the spline. Can be used to ajust the spline if you want to use the option -> Closed Spline mentioned above.
  • Q/P: Q and P are the factors that drive the knot. The knot changes depending on the Differential factor of the two variables.


You can look some of the factors up on Wikipedia for example.

Alright, thats all I have got for you today.

You can download the plugin here.


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