NeoChain – Free Cinema 4D Plugin

Hey guys,

today I have another plugin for you. It is called NeoChain and was featured in one of my latest youtube videos here.chain1_0070

As the name suggests it is capable of creating Chains. It uses a spline as a guide. After you installed the plugin, and imported it into your scene nothing will show at first. In order to use generate a chain you have to insert a spline as a child object of the NeoChain object.     screenshot_114

Now to the plugin itself.

If you look at the plugin properties you will see, appart from the standard ‚Basic‘ and ‚Coord.‘ tab, it will have 3 extra tabs.

The Object tab:

  • Chains: This sets the amaount of chain parts. This litle function is really handy to ajust your chain.

The Chain tab:

  • Radius: Sets the radius of the chain parts.
  • Sieds: Basically these are the segments of the chain parts.
  • Use Rounding/Round. Radius: If you have less sides on you chain you can use the rounding to soften up the edges of the chain parts. This is really helpfull to make different looking chains.
  • Chain Width/ Height: Well.. sets the with and height. You may have guessed that yourself.
  • UseRounding/Chain Round: This sets the overall rounding of the chain parts. Again, this option is to makedifferent looking chains.screenshot_113

The Animation Tab:

You can animate the chain in two different ways. First you can animate each indivitual part of the chain or animate the whole chain at once.

  • Start/End: Is for animating the indivitual parts of the chain.
  • Offset: This option has two uses -> If the chain is generated on the wrong end of the spline you can simple ajust the starting point with this slider. Your you can just use it to animate.
  • From/To: This is to animate the whole chain at once.

Now. This is all I have for you today, I hope you like the plugin.

If you have any questions or want to report a bug or anything, feel free to write a comment down below!

You can download the plugin here.



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