NeoSoftbox – A Work in Progress

Hello and welcome to this wonderfull blog-post.

Now, recently I have been working on a new project called NeoSoftbox. This „project“ is more like a plugin for Cinema 4D – like almost everything else I post here – but since I want to start making update blogs, I kinda wanted to get started with it, with this project.

So what exactly is NeoSoftbox then? NeoSoftbox is a lighting tool for Cinema 4D which should help people to make studio lighting. It is, as the name basically says a Softbox. It has some advanced features that will speed up your workflow.iconTo this point, I spent around 2 Weeks for this plugin and will continue to make it even better and better. There are some features I already implemented but also alot which still need to be done. Some features which are allready included are:

  • Ambient Illumination
  • Brightness and Brightness multiplier
  • Width/Height settings
  • Shadow TypesScreenshot_128
  • Shadow Contrast
  • Shadow Density
  • Shadow Color

These are the current features of the plugin. Some things that I want and that I have to implement are:

  • Compositing options like visible in render
  • Target options – to set a target to the softbox
  • Auto scaling depending on the object
  • Adding an internal Phong Tag to soften up the softbox shape
  • Light Noise

These are the things I want to implement. If you think there is anything I should implement aswell, do not hesitate and write me a comment or e-mail!

Anyway, thats all for now. I will make another post as soon as I have finished the plugin. Of course you will be able to download it! I will alsow make a Youtube Video where I explain the plugin in more detail, so subscribe to my Youtube Channel, if you haven’t already, so you don’t miss it!

All right, thanks for reading and I wish you all a wonderfull weekend!


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