HDRI Browser Update – Cinema 4D Plugin

Hello and welcome back!

I have finally been able to work on my HDRI Browser again. And I actually managed to get quite a lot done.

Now, some main features I already implemented:

  • Subdirectorys for HDRIs
  • Changeable size of the previews in the browserHDR Browser R3
  • Octane Support
  • Sky type -> Reflection, Illumination, Both
  • Preview Renderer

I want to sell my HDRI packs that I have made so far and thus I decided to make this browser, not only because it would sell better, but also because it really got on my nerve to chnage hdris, but I said that in my previous blog post! HDR Browser R3 Preview

As you can see on the image (right) the preview has a few really helpfull options. You can change the size of the render (precentage in relation to the render size) and also, if you are using the normal C4D renderer the antialiasing. There is also an option to Auto Render if you cahnge an hdri.


I am also working on (as mentioned above) some HDR packs. So far I have been able to create 3 Studio packs.


I know I am a very when it comes to names…. anyway….. PACK_01 and PACK_02 feature 10 10k by 5k studio hdris and PACK_03 only 5 but therefore there are 2 15k by 7.5k and 3 10k by 5k hdris.

Thats pretty much it for the update. Down below you’ll find a few Instagram images I posted recently.

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