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by NeonArtworks
2 Jahren ago


Hey guys,

so recently I was watching way to many animes and I somewhat came up with my own idea for a Fantasy Story.
However, I am not in particullar a very creative person… which means I really didn’t know what names I should choose for my story.

Well… after I have given this topic some thought, I came up with the idea of an unique Name Generator for my story characters etc.


As you can see in the picture above, I made myself a litle tool for creating random names. I just made it so I can specify what type of name, like for eg. Town or just a “normal Human name”. It is really nothing to special, but this really helped me out alot 😀



It basically takes chars from String Lists and combines them together (picture below)


I know this is not the most efficient way of handling things, but it gives me alot controll and it lets me add more things later. I then basically just took a secure random (actually more than one!) for every String[] and combined the outcome together. As you may also see, in some list objects have empty “” this makes the outcome is not only completly random in terms of characters but also in the length itself.

So yeah, this is basically all there is to it. I may add some more functionallity to this program, but since I don’t think I am going to release this program there won’t be to many updates… probably…. But if someone wants to have this litle tool (maybe someone wo is equally uncreative as I am :D) can just write me.


I actually did want to make a speedcode (since it only took me like 10 Minutes to code the basic program) but somehow Shadowplay wasnt active and i did not recognise it…. yeah… so that’s that…

Still if you wanna follow me on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram links are down bellow.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYxDko5Hw6FJQQ3PZ6rquiw

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NeonArtworks?lang=de

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