RD-Textures and Shop

Hello and welcome! Today I have yet another short blog entry for you. So, today I wanna talk about my new shop and the new RD-Textures I have been creating this last week. RD means Real Displacement in other words, displacement maps that you can use to create or rather recreate surfaces and geometry without […]

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Label – Cinema 4D Plugin

Hello and welcome back to another litle Blog-post! Today I want to introduce you to my latest plugin: Label. Basically with label you can label/tag your scene objects and make your whole project nice and organized. You can find more information here: here All the features are listed down below. I know this is a […]

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Lorenz Attractor – Cinema 4D Plugin

Hello there everyone! Today I have another really cool plugin for you guys! The plugin I wanna show you today is called Lorenz Generator. As the name suggests, you can infact create a Lorenz Attractor with it. The idea came to me, when I was searching wikipedia for some rose patterns. If you are wondering, […]

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HDRI Browser Update – Cinema 4D Plugin

Hello and welcome back! I have finally been able to work on my HDRI Browser again. And I actually managed to get quite a lot done. Now, some main features I already implemented: Subdirectorys for HDRIs Changeable size of the previews in the browser Octane Support Sky type -> Reflection, Illumination, Both Preview Renderer I […]

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HDRI Browser – A Cinema 4D Plugin in progess

Hello and welcome. A couple of months ago I started on creating my own 360° HDR images. I have made over 70 HDRIs so far. But there was always one thing that really annoyed me when trying different HDRIs in Cinema. You always have to go to the material (or tag when you are using […]

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Ricoh Theta S Review
Ricoh Theta S

  Rocoh Theta S Review Hello everybody. Welcome to this review of the Ricoh Theta S. I have been using this camera for over half a year now, and want to give you my thoughts about it. I’ll start over with the design and packaging, and I will go to the thechnical stuff later on. […]

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Crazy Car 2017
This image was taken from the official HTBLuVA Salzburg homepage! All rights go to its respective owner!

Hello and welcome to this blog post. Now, a few weeks ago our school, and therefore I aswell, participated in the „Crazy Car“ event hosted by the FH Joanneum in Graz Austria. It was an absolute blast for all of us who where able to be a part of this event. But what exactly is […]

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NeoSoftbox – A Work in Progress
This is a litle testrender with the current NeoSoftbox plugin. There where no other lights nor an HDRI used.

Hello and welcome to this wonderfull blog-post. Now, recently I have been working on a new project called NeoSoftbox. This „project“ is more like a plugin for Cinema 4D – like almost everything else I post here – but since I want to start making update blogs, I kinda wanted to get started with it, […]

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NeoLego – Free Cinema 4D Plugin

Hey guys,  it’s been a while since my last post. BUT there was a lot to do for school, so I haven’t had time to do anything else. But since the holidays are around the corner, I finally have time again, atleast for a few days. Anyway. Today I have a new plugin for you […]

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NeoFont – Free Cinema 4D Plugin

Hey guys, today I have a really small but helpfull plugin for you. The plugin is called NeoFont and enables to access the old font chooser of Cinema 4D. This plugins works for the MoText object and the standard Text spline. You can simply select either the MoText Object or the Text spline and click […]

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