Label for Cinema 4D - Neon Artworks

Label – Cinema 4D Plugin

Never search large hierachys again! Use labels to organize your scene and objects.
Drag an Drop it to your viewport to have fast access to the label. You can change the icon of the label, to fit your likings


  • Easy to use ►The label plugin is very easy to use and to set-up.
  • Accessability ►Access your objects with just one click. Never search for hierachy chains again.
  • Chanegable Icon ►The label icon can be changed, to fit your liking.

See the benefits

  • Fast access to your objectss.
  • Changeable Icon.
  • Open your hierachys with just one click.
  • Automatically close your labels, for better workflow.
  • Search-dialog, to search labels in your scene.


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