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by NeonArtworks
2 Jahren ago

Hello there everyone!

Today I have another really cool plugin for you guys! The plugin I wanna show you today is called Lorenz Generator. As the name suggests, you can infact create a Lorenz Attractor with it.

The idea came to me, when I was searching wikipedia for some rose patterns. If you are wondering, why the heck I would search for something like this… well because I am also currently working on an rose plugin. Anyway… the plugin is free and you’ll find the download link as per usual, down below. One thing I want to mention is, that I made the plugin in a livestream on youtube, so if you are interested in livestreams/coding videos go to my youtube channel here.


The Algorithm

As mentioned above I was searching wikipedia for some rose patterns, therefore I also searched wikipe

The code in the script manager

The code in the script manager

Lorenz equation

Lorenz equation

dia for a formula to work with. The formula shown here somewhere is the one I used. It is actually rather simple and I just wanted to show you what “magic” behind the plugin is. But since I am not really good at explanetions I will like you the wikipedia.


What I always do before start coding a plugin is to try and write the algorithm in the Script manager of Cinema 4D. This allowes me to debug the algorithm really easily and also really fast. This really helps the overall process when writing a plugin.





The PluginScreenshot_140

Ok. Now to the plugin.

You have a few settings for the plugin. Infact if you take a look at the script manager you’ll find the exact same variables. The only difference is, that you can change them dynamically. You also have the ability to scale the whole lorenz attractor with the factor scale. The count are the iterations, you can go up to a few ten thousand and cinema4d will still be quite fast. Now I should mention that the whole thing is a spline generator. So keep that in mind.


All right, now here is the download link to the plugin and also, to the script.

Download the script.

Download the plugin.


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