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by NeonArtworks
2 Jahren ago

Hey guys,

today I have a really small but helpfull plugin for you. The plugin is called NeoFont and enables to access the old font chooser of Cinema 4D. This plugins works for the MoText object and the standard Text spline.Screenshot_119

You can simply select either the MoText Object or the Text spline and click on the NeoFont entry in your plugins tab. Then the gui will open up and you can select your font and click ok.

It is as simple as that 😀

I hope some of you can need this plugin!  If you want more plugins and stay updated follow me on Instagram or Youtube! I will post updates and releases there!

This plugin was a request. So if you want a plugin or have an idea for one, please let me know and I will try my best to create it!

And as always
 you can download the plugin here.

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