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by NeonArtworks
2 Jahren ago

Hey guys,rope_01_02

today I have another cool Cinema 4D plugin for you.

It is called NeoRope. It was featured in one of my last videos where I showed it a bit off ( you can watch the video here).

With NeoRope you can create ropes. The ropes are driven by a spline, which is inserted as a child of NeoRope. In the example down below, I used NeoKnot ( you canscreenshot_115 check it you here) as the spline object.  The way NeoRope works is, it takes the spline object and wraps the Rope around it. The Rope can be changed in size and many other ways aswell.
Let me show you its features:

The object tab:

  • Coils: Changes the amount of coils from the rope.
  • Srands: This setting changes the amount of strands. The maximum is 3 and the minimum is 1.

The Options tab:

  • rope_02Scale: This setting drives the end scale of the rope.
  • Rotation: TBH its rather useless, unless you have a low amount of segments. It rotates the strands -> Useless because they are round.
  • Start/End: These two settings are for the Animation of the rope.

The Rope tab:

  • Radius: Sets the radius of the 3 strands.
  • Scale: The overall scale of the rope.
  • Segments: Sets the segment amount of the strands.

In this example, as mentioned above, I used NeoKnot for the spline object. The version I used in this example is a newer one!

You can get the Updated version of NeoKnot here.

And, of course, you can download the plugin NeoRope here.

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