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4 Monaten ago

Hello and welcome!

So, it has been quite a while since the last time I posted something in my blog. Todays topic is a new Cinema4D Plugin which I created. The plugin is called NLM-Denoiser and as the name suggests, it is a denoiser plugin for standard C4D (and 3rd party) renderes. It uses the NLM (Non Local Means, hence the name) algorithm.

The plugin is still not 100% finished, but I want to give you a litle sneek peak on what it is currently capable of!

The Left image is the original render : 3:23 render time The right image is using the NLM-Denoiser plugin: 3:40 render time.

Down below you will see the settings that the plugin provides. There are 4 main sliders which will define the quality and also the render time of the denoised image.

The settings of the plugin

Slider description:

  • Template Window (odd) – Size in pixels of the template patch that is used to compute weights. Should be odd. Recommended value 7 pixels.
  • Search Window (odd) – Size in pixels of the window that is used to compute weighted average for given pixel. Should be odd. Affect performance linearly : greater Search Window (odd) – greater denoising time.
  • Recommended value 21 pixels
  • H (luminance) – Parameter regulating filter strength for luminance component. Bigger h value perfectly removes noise but also removes image details, smaller h value preserves details but also preserves some noise.
  • H_Color (RGB) – The same as H but for color components.For most images value equals 10 will be enought to remove colored noise and do not distort colors

Another very VERY, VERY, cool feature is the “Preview” since this is a videopost, one would have to render out the image beforehand to see how it denoises the image. This is

The Preview window

very inconvenient and takes time. Therefore I implemented the “Preview” windwo, which allows you to render a small preview and directly change the values of the denoiser. This saves a lot of time when doing production work.

Ok, so that is the plugin for now. As I said, it is not completly finished, but it is almost there! I am not sure if the plugin will be available for free or not, we will see. But yeah, that is it for now, thank you very much for reading this little blog post and I hope you will read the next one!


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