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2 Jahren ago

Hey peoples of the Internet,

recently I decided to start coding in Java again.

When I thought about what I could code, I really wasn’t sure.. because I wanted to make something useful…
After thinking for about an hour (yes it really took me so long to think about something useful 😀 )
I realised that I had to change my passwords every now and then and then I was like “it would be a good idea to make a litle program for that”.

So here it is, my litle Password Generator Tool.

Pasword Generator

It has only one real options and that is the length of your password. Theoretically you can create an 1.000.000 character long password, it would take a while, but it is possible. The generator is pretty fast, and after you have generated a password you can simply click on the “Copy” button to copy the password directly into your clipboard.

The passwords are generated using a list of chars ( 78 in total) with Javas “Secure Random” which is on of the best random algorithm in Java. In other words, to have the same password twice is near to impossible (but still possible thoe).

If you are wondering, why is this a .exe then? Well, I compiled it as an .exe program so I can implement a fancy looking Icon 😀


If you want to see a “Speed Coding” of this program, I will upload it to my Youtube channel.

Youtube channel

!-You need at least Java 1.8-!

Mediafire Download

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