Free Plugins - Neon Artworks


Plex4D is a tool for Cinema 4D that allowes you to create, animate and render plexus like particle.

Download Plex4D


With SplineEffect you can add every mograph effector to a spline and deform it.

Download SplineEffect


A plugin used to quickly cnter the axis of one or more selected object.

Download SimpleAxis

Simple Autosafe

A plugin which automatically saves your project/scene.

Download Simple Autosafe


A plugin that allows you to “Destruct” objects with every children and automatically centers the axis of them.

Download Destruct


A particle modifier wich can be used as a random effector for particle simulations.

Download Devastation

NeoRope Object

This plugin is able to generate ropes, driven by a spline.

Download NeoRope Object

NeoKnot Object

This plugin is able to generate knots.

Download NeoKnot Object

Poly Connect V2

This plugin is able to connect any objects together and automatically centers the axis.

Download Poly Connect V2

Particle 4D

Particle 4D is a simple plugin, that uses the in Cinema 4D integrated particle system.

Download Particle4D

Light Rig V1.2

Light Rig is a powefull tool wich allows you to make fast and professional lit renders in a short amount of time.

Download Light Rig V1.2

NeoChain Object

This plugin is able to generate chains, driven by a spline.

Download NeoChain Object


This plugin is able to change the Color of up to 8 Materials in one blow.

Download MColor

Abstract Generator

Abstract Generator is a tool to create and animate abstract objects wich can be perfect used for backrounds.

Download Abstract Generator V1.0

Light Streak

Light Streak is a cool litle tool that allowes you to create Light Streaks in Cinema 4D.


Download Light Streak


McSky is a lighting tool, that allowes to light Minecraft maps for introductions.

Download McSky