Free Plugins

Note: All videos on this site are in German!

NeoRope Object

This plugin is able to generate ropes, driven by a spline.

Download NeoRope Object

NeoChain Object

This plugin is able to generate chains, driven by a spline.

Download NeoChain Object

NeoKnot Object

This plugin is able to generate knots.

Download NeoKnot Object



This plugin is able to change the Color of up to 8 Materials in one blow.

Download MColor


Poly Connect V2

This plugin is able to connect any objects together and automatically centers the axis.

Download Poly Connect V2


A particle modifier wich can be used as a random effector for particle simulations.

Download Devastation


A plugin that allows you to „Destruct“ objects with every children and automatically centers the axis of them.

Download Destruct


Simple Autosafe

A plugin which automatically saves your project/scene.

Download Simple Autosafe


A plugin used to quickly cnter the axis of one or more selected object.

Download SimpleAxis


With SplineEffect you can add every mograph effector to a spline and deform it.

Download SplineEffect



Plex4D is a tool for Cinema 4D that allowes you to create, animate and render plexus like particle.

Download Plex4D


McSky is a lighting tool, that allowes to light Minecraft maps for introductions.

Download McSky

Light Rig V1.2

Light Rig is a powefull tool wich allows you to make fast and professional lit renders in a short amount of time.

Download Light Rig V1.2


Light Streak

Light Streak is a cool litle tool that allowes you to create Light Streaks in Cinema 4D.


Download Light Streak

Particle 4D

Particle 4D is a simple plugin, that uses the in Cinema 4D integrated particle system.

Download Particle4D

Abstract Generator

Abstract Generator is a tool to create and animate abstract objects wich can be perfect used for backrounds.

Download Abstract Generator V1.0