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by NeonArtworks
2 Jahren ago

Hey guys,

long time no … right?

Well, school hit me like, idk, imagine something … xD

Anyways. Very recently a few colleages and I started a litle project. The project is called “QuizCHELL” and as you might have guessed it, it has something to do with a Quiz. In school a lot of people started playing a game called Quizduell and it gave me an idea.

First of all, we did not intend to copy the name nor the game mechanics of Quizduell. Even the name is a coincidence bc. it has to do with our class name.

However… When we played the game, I noticed that the thing you have right or wrong in this game… it kinda keeps in the mind, you know. That got me thinking, what if I where to make a game similar to a quiz, but with question for school. I know, great idea, no one would have come to that conclusion xD

But I think this would be really cool and also really helpfull for a lot of people in my school.

We are currently three people developing this.

If you are interested in this you can read more here: QuizCHELL

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