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Ricoh Theta S Review

  Rocoh Theta S Review Hello everybody. Welcome to this review of the Ricoh Theta S. I have been using this camera for over half a year now, and want to give you my thoughts about it. I'll start over with the design and packaging, and I will go to the thechnical stuff later on. Packaging...

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Crazy Car 2017

Hello and welcome to this blog post. Now, a few weeks ago our school, and therefore I aswell, participated in the "Crazy Car" event hosted by the FH Joanneum in Graz Austria. It was an absolute blast for all of us who where able to be a part of this event. But what exactly is the Crazy Car eve...

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NeoSoftbox – A Work in Progress

Hello and welcome to this wonderfull blog-post. Now, recently I have been working on a new project called NeoSoftbox. This "project" is more like a plugin for Cinema 4D - like almost everything else I post here - but since I want to start making update blogs, I kinda wanted to get started with...

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