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by NeonArtworks
2 Jahren ago

Hello there,

today is the last day of my holidays and I really did want to do something productive.

After a really long time of brainstorming, I came up with the idea of a youtube downloader. Yes it really did take me some time, as I mentioned in the blog entry befor this, I am a really uncreative person 😀




As you can see in the image above, the layout is pretty simple. On the top you can specify a Youtube Video Link, with the “Set URL” button you basically set the link. You can then set an output path with the “Save to..” button, or you can copy and paste a path (NOTE: There has to be a file WITHOUT a file extension in the path) . Before you click on the “Start Download” button, you can “Include” the sound file. This basically means that the sound will be extracted from the mp4 Video (the sound in the video remains!) and it will be safed as an .wav file in the exact same path with the same name.









Here you can see how it will look like BEFORE you press the “Start Download” button.










Here you can see, how the program looks like, after the Download is finished. It will show you an “Generated Link”. The program fetches the original Video link, and 1. displays it, and 2. It downloads the Video from this link. Should the download fail (for what reason ever) you can still manually download the video, however, you will not be able to extract the sound (wav) file.

Maybe that’s something for a future update 😀

It will also display the time it took to download AND to extract the sound file. Don’t know why I included that, but I like to know such things.





That is pretty much it. It doesn’t have all that fancy functions, and I don’t think this works with playlists(haven’t tested it yet) but it is working.

I hope you like this litle program!







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